Moving Company Lost and Damaged Items
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When I moved earlier this year, the moving company lost and damaged many of my things as signed and acknowledge on the BoL by the delivery representative. Based on the $0.60 per lb. valuation, I am owed several thousand dollars. They currently offered $86. Is there any law or regulation I should site or use to ensure I am properly covered.

I have submitted and marked two claims with all the weights, details, pictures, and other requested documentation. There is a document packet with copies of the contract, damaged items, and other details that I have used to provide explanation and details. However, due to the extensive damage and missing items, it is quite long. Is there any chance they are not fully reading and reviewing it?
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> Is there any chance they are not fully reading and reviewing it?

It could be they're deliberately blowing you off with the expectation you'll give up in frustration, in which case they save thousands of dollars.

You may end up resorting to a lawyer.
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If the state you moved to has an AG who mediates consumer complaints, that would be an option.
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These are great responses to point me in different directions. What kind of lawyer would I look to hire?
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As a guess, this is just a first "idiot treatment" response to see if you will just go away. If you respond with "Nope, actual damages were XXX" then it will possibly be bounced up to someone who can actually deal with it.

So as next very simple move I would just reply to their letter saying something like:
In regard to your correspondence of XXXX (copy enclosed):

The claims I recently submitted document in detail lost and damaged items from our recent move with your company totaling XXX pounds. According to the explanation of insurance coverage you provided at YYYY, the insurance coverage for lost and damaged items is $0.60 per pound. Therefore the insurance reimbursement for the lost and damaged items totals $ZZZZZ.

Please remit this total amount within 30 days.

If you wish to dispute damage or loss of any item, please provide a list of disputed items along with a detailed explanation of the reason for dispute, so that we can review your proposal with legal counsel.


Also, enclose a copy of your claims and documentation again, just so there can be no possible mistake.

Another possible response would be to call them to ask for an explanation. The goal here is not necessarily to argue with them but to find out if the claim has been submitted to the insurance company and, specifically, to get the contact information for the insurance claims officer so you can deal with that person directly if possible.

If that doesn't work, then a strongly worded letter from an attorney would likely be next step. That shouldn't cost more than maybe a couple hundred $$$.

Then a possible next step would be small claims court. That's a simple way to get a judgement in the $2500-$25,000 range (exact limit depends on your jurisdiction, usually it's around $5000-$10000).
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