Salt Lake City sights and events, after hours edition
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I'm visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, next week, but I'm there for work, and I won't have a car, so I expect that the fun things listed previously aren't an option (though there are restaurant recommendations there).

I'm staying near the airport, with workshops on the 6th and 7th of November. I arrive after 4 PM on the 5th, and fly out the 7th before 9 PM.

Are there any music venues in that area, or father afield with a good show? I'm not adverse to transit or Lyft, or walking for a while, but those are my limitations. If nothing else, I'd be happy to hear restaurant recommendations in the area. Thanks!
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Response by poster: One more question: what's a good place in the area to get some fun, local book or shirt for kids (boys 4-8) and/or my wife?

[I also posted a Meetup, if you're around and want to grab a bite]
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Best answer: Are you close to the Green Line Trax station near the airport / north temple? That'd be your best (and cheapest) gateway around the city proper. The City Weekly Calendar would be a good source for events, as would SLUG Mag (probably lots of overlap between the two).
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Best answer: Seconding taking the green line downtown, and perhaps renting a scooter (they have sit down Razors everywhere) for everything the train doesn't cover.

Salt and Honey has some really cute, unique Utah stuff. It's at the Gateway mall. There are also some galleries with pop art and great t-shirts. And sticker machines.

Kilby Court is kind of famous with the indie crowd. I'll come back to this thread later when I have more time. Or Memail me if you have specific questions.
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The airport is in the middle of nowhere, relatively speaking, but only about 10-15 minutes to downtown by Lyft. My most frequented music venues in town have been Urban Lounge (slightly further east than downtown) and Metro Music Hall.
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Best answer: Ra Ra Riot is playing at the Urban on the 5th. Fisher Brewery and TNF are kind of the cool spots to just go have a beer right now. The jazz are playing the 76ers on the 6th.
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Best answer: Restaurant recommendations you say?

Red Iguana
. That is all. If there's a wait, wait. If there's not, rejoice. It's some of the best Mexican food I've ever had outside southern Arizona or, yanno, Mexico.

It's walkable from downtown/temple area, but I say that as someone who walks almost literally everywhere, so your tolerance for long-ish walks may vary (it's probably 20-25 min walk from temple square). It's a cheap lyft though, or there's a light rail station about a block away.
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The Salt Lake Tabernacle is worth seeing. An absolutely mammoth wooden structure that was built with almost zero metal fasteners, just wood and leather. It's also home to one of the largest pipe organs in the world and has daily recitals of organ music. Since it sits at the epicenter of the Mormon world you will be greeted by missionaries with extraordinarily clean teeth, but they are very polite and not pushy.
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Red Iguana. That is all. If there's a wait, wait. If there's not, rejoice. It's some of the best Mexican food I've ever had outside southern Arizona or, yanno, Mexico

In the spirit of being positive and affirming , I’ll just say that opinions might vary on the quality of this.

The reviews here have typically been good in my experience but like with any reviews, you need to filter by your own tastes.
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Gracie's has a bluegrass jam Tuesday nights, and has food. Close to TRAX and has a pretty nice view of downtown from the roof.

Weller Book Works at Trolley Square is hands-down the best local book store, fight me. A mix of new and used, with sections dedicated to local and/or Western books. You have to transfer lines to get there, but Trolley also has a few restaurants (including a brew pub) and is kind of an experience in itself.
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Ken Sanders is a cluttered mess of a bookstore but it has some hidden treasures. King's English is all new books, but their curation is top notch, and Sugarhouse is a nice neighborhood for coffee shops and the like.

There are free performances at the concert hall and the tabernacle.
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Best answer: Oooooh, one more thing--my brother made this map:


It's geared towards young hipsters but maybe there's something fun in there.
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Piper Down has live music on Tuesday Nights.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions!

Meetup at Ra Ra Riot? I'll be there.
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Response by poster: The green line was very easy to use, and Red Iguana's Negro Mole was delicious. Ra Ra Riot was a lot of fun, and Red Rock Brewing was pretty good, too.
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