Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, one month out...
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I had Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery in my right (dominant) hand just over a month ago. How long does this take to heal?

My surgeon didn't prescribe PT for me, as he had done a thumb release on my left hand a year earlier and we both figured I knew the ropes from that surgery. I'm doing my exercises and stretches and massaging both incision areas to reduce scar tissue. I know it's going to take a bit to heal, and they told me the swelling on my wrist might take a couple of months to subside. I'm able to use my whole hand, but my whole palm gets achy by the end of the day and the whole area is just a lot more tender than my thumb release was at this point.

I know YANMD, but if you've had this surgery, is this normal, or should I call the surgeon?
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Best answer: Misterussell had that surgery that on his right (dominant) hand a few years back, and his left hand in July. He says what you're describing sounds exactly like his experience, but he adds to call your surgeon if you're concerned. He was raking leaves Saturday and remarked that his left hand ached afterward.
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I just did this a few month ago and it also took longer to heal than I expected (it's still not 100%, but it's much improved). I asked for a follow up with my surgeon who sent me to an OT - she gave me some stuff to do and a good reality check on how long hands can take to heal (for example, my surgeon suggested I go back to work Monday after a Thursday surgery - the OT said if she had carpal tunnel release she'd take at least two weeks off...)
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