Best comic book news, reviews, etc?
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Where are the best places to find news, reviews, etc. about comic books?

I’m getting back into comic books and trying to find sources of news, previews, essays, reviews, and that sort of thing. What are some of the best sites or bloggers?

I’m into science fiction/horror/mystery comics, so I’m looking for things that focus on that, more than just Marvel/DC.

I’d also like sources that prioritize diversity and social justice, or come from that point of view.
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Are you interested in graphic novels? Webcomics? Monthly single issues? What are some titles you've enjoyed?
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Best answer: The Beat seems to do a decent job. They include DC and Marvel in their coverage, but have plenty of non-cape coverage including much smaller imprints and indie comix.
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Best answer: My resident comic person suggests and but I can't confirm they'll exactly fit your criteria.
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Seconding The Beat. If you've got a couple bucks to throw at it, The MNT and PanelxPanel are both solid.
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Best answer: Women Write About Comics. They went through some content changes the last couple of years but the comics writing is still good.
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Also I didn't realize The Comics Journal had a website until just now! So I'd throw that in as I've only read the print editions.
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It's not the same kind of site as any of the above, but if you are looking for a site that's just "here's a list of all the comics that are scheduled to come out and when they're scheduled for," ComicList is what you want.
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