Another costume question...difficulty: pine cones
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I have a large bucketful of small pine cones rescued from the lawn mower's path. I've seen some decorating ideas but thought it would be more fun to incorporate them into a costume. But my imagination is failing me. Any ideas?

The pine cones range from about 1 to 2.5 inches. My crafting skills are moderate.
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You could wear green, put the cones all over you and just go as a pine tree.

Add a little gold rope to the top of your head and a "Car Freshener" label to your shirt and you're a pine tree air freshener.
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You could also put them all over your clothing and go as a person about to be attacked by squirrels.
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Sew or hot-glue them onto a ribbon that you can tie around your head, and you're a Conehead.
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The other approach would be to use them for a costume which turns on another meaning of cone - snow cone, ice cream cone, traffic cone, conic section, etc.
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If your name is Chris you could be Chris Pine. Long shot I know.

Sew them to a shirt in an arrow formation....and you Pine Away.

(I'm horrible, I know.)
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Roll them in Elmer's (or hot) glue, and then birdseed. Hang them from your body and go as a tree.
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Remember in whatever you do, you will need to sit down and most likely, use a bathroom at some point during the evening. (Which is to say, don't decorate your butt.) Maybe do something apron-ish rather than full skirt when you attach them.
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Country Christmas Wreath
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I would definitely be a pine tree. This type of hat helps complete the tree shape. Carry a squirrel stuffed animal with you or one of these birds.
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Air freshener.
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You could be a Zapfenmandl - protector simultaneously of woodcutters and trees. A quick Google image search isn't showing me what I'm thinking of, which is a mask made of pinecones that covers the whole face (rather than just a hat), but hunt around!
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Please glue them to a hat and go as blues piano legend Pinetop Perkins.

He began his career as a guitarist but then injured the tendons in his left arm in a knife fight with a chorus girl in Helena, Arkansas. Unable to play the guitar, he switched to the piano.

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Pine Cone Wizard.
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Inspired by this FPP, you could put them in a box or bag along with a few other random items and go as a person undecided about what to make as their costume, or add a few crafting specific items and go as a person about to start their holiday season crafting decorations, or anything along those lines.

My first impulse was to respond with an idea that I remember someone doing decades ago. He was a very tall, thin fellow, and he wore a bright red bodysuit with ping pong balls underneath it between his skin and the bodysuit. He said he was a hemmorroid. He won the contest.

You could do something similarly and maybe slip between two layers of skin tight bodysuit (otherwise pinecones might hurt directly against flesh), and depending on bodysuit color you could be one of those lumpy pickles (gherkins? I don't know, I don't eat pickles), or some other bumpy item. If you wanted to go the juvenile humor route you could do this wearing a brown bodysuit and highlighting where the pinecones are in pale yellow and go as someone who ate corn yesterday.

In a less gross vein, spray painted silver and hot glue gunned to the shoulders of an old jacket also spray painted silver they could look very futuristic spacey , you could better streamline a theme from there with a few more accessories. Or combine the two previous ideas and hot glue gun them all over the jacket and then spray paint both for a different effect. Or the same effect but painted green to for that lizard that has protrusions like that.

Or go as a cartoon character by gluing to a shower cap and spray painting bright yellow (or some other bright color) and wear similarly bright cartooney items with cartooney makeup and maybe carry around a speech bubble.

Alternatively, if you have enough of them paint them white and glue them all over a white jumpsuit or sweatshirt, add some ears to a headband and go as a hard sheep.

Do that in green and go as romanesco.
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