Active jobs for the over 50 set.
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Are you over 50, maybe almost 60 like me? I'm looking to set aside (part of) my graphic design work and take up some part-time work. I'd like to NOT be at a computer. I'd like to be out working with others. I'd like to work part time. I'd like to make at least $400/hr... ok ... well maybe something better than minimum wage anyway.

Do you have a job you enjoy that fits these criteria? I'd like to know what it is! I'm looking for ideas of paths to follow. Just curious about what you folks out there are doing! Thanks.
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I've always liked bartending as a compliment to my IT work.
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My wife is over 50 and currently works (paid, not volunteer) for a local charitable thrift shop; they have a warehouse which is relatively low-lifting-weight and is sorting clothes & other donated items, pricing, etc. and it really seems like most employees are in their 40s-50s.
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I guess it depends on what you consider "active."

A friend of mine is a manager at Trader Joe's and she tells me they love to hire people in that age group because, on average, they tend to be more responsible and dependable employees. TJ's is one definition of "active" I suppose. You'd definitely be working with lots of people. Great benefits, too, fwiw.
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Many years ago, I worked at a bookstore and the customers were much nicer than in other retail environments. A barrista at Starbucks might be good too. (I mention Starbucks specifically because every one seems to be eternally happy there. I am told the benefits are top-notch, even for pt employees.)
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I dunno about Starbucks. The ones around here always seem to be in a constant state of whirlwind panic, with everyone rushing around each other filling orders and whatnot. It’s definitely not an environment a card-carrying old like me could survive very long in.
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Do you have a Costco in your area? Costco people are some of the happiest retail people I've ever seen, from the person you wave your card at to get in to the guy who checks your receipt as you leave. The free sample givers, in particular, are saints to deal with all the people who stalk around waiting for them to take a set of Bagel Bites out of their little toaster oven. My parents have been shopping at the same Costco for 35 years and many of the employees have been there forever/are now managers, which speaks well of the company and the way it treats its workers.

It's probably pretty physical work, hauling crates and whatnot, but even the relatively quieter jobs like customer returns and the aforementioned receipt checker are active/non-computer based. I bet they are taking on seasonal employees for the holidays.
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I work part time at a senior living facility in the dining room serving meals. Very active. My legs get a nice workout. Arms are stronger from bussing tables and lifting crates of dishes. I get to meet and form relationships with a lot of interesting older people. Pay is highly variable in this field though -depends where you are and the individual facility. Mine is a non profit and pays well.
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According to the US Census website, census takers are making $20.50 an hour in your county. The jobs are part-time flexible and of course, temporary, but fun and active while you're deciding on your real part-time job.
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What about teaching? I bet there are plenty of people who'd like to learn from your expertise.
You could even set up your own teaching sessions or boot camps and rent a local space that's the right size for your audience.
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