where can i post and lightly organize a ton of old art?
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i've got about ten years of digital art that i posted to tumblrs to that i deleted in fits of depression and will continue to delete in fits of depression, but the art is still really good and i like to revisit it and also share it with other people sometimes. i like the tag system of tumblr where i can categorize by multiple things but also see everything a pic is tagged as. what other sites can i do this on?

i'd love to upload it easily all at once, so deviantart is out.

imgur seems like i might be able to put one image in several albums to work like tags? but it's unintuitive for me to use and i don't really know what i'm doing or understand the privacy settings.

all of it is in google photos right now, which does searchable descriptions and albums i can share with people but is connected to a name i don't use everywhere.

i'm imagining linking people to a profile where they can browse through everything and click through to tags or albums but have some pics, like nsfw stuff, kept private but in the same gallery so i can see it all at once on my end.
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flickr would cover all your requirements, but not for free.
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Free Flickr accounts can have up to 1000 images.

Images can be tagged and put into one or more albums. You can apply safety filters (default is safe and there are also ‘moderate’ and ‘restricted’ categories) per image. You can also assign different levels of privacy to individual photos. When logged in you will always be able to see all your images.
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