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I'm looking for recommendations for a specific type of pilates/pilates fusion/workout video. Key features: fast-paced, high energy, difficult workout, set to fun and energetic music.

I used to take a pilates class that I guess was probably some kind of pilates fusion. It was fun, fast-paced, the instructor was energetic (but not in an annoying way) and she had a decent playlist, mostly pop music, that was timed for the class. Most importantly, it was an awesome workout. There was sometimes a little cardio mixed in, but mostly it was on the mat. Sadly, she left and I've been trying for years but I just can't find anything like it in-person. I've been searching to see if something exists online, but all of the online videos I've tried are so...slow. And boring. I just want a brief explanation and then to get moving, but what I find is videos of instructors just talking and talking and talking. And there's rarely music. And it often doesn't feel like much of a workout.

Is there something out there for me? I'm willing to pay a subscription or buy a DVD if there's something that fits the bill. It doesn't have to be labeled "pilates" but I did like the intense core workout part of it, so something that incorporates those elements into a workout class by another name would be fine too. Thanks!
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Sounds like Piyo may fit the bill. It's Pilates/Yoga fusion but is fast paced and cardio focused.
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You might want to try a barre class! I do Barre3 at a studio, but they also have online workouts. It’s definitely high energy, upbeat music, and lots of core.
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Maybe Tracy Anderson online? I went down a wormhole last night based on an Instagram post from Gwyneth Paltrow, and there are a lot of Instagram posts from other regular users who seem to be doing what you describe (search for the tag #tracyandersonstreaming)!
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omg, if you haven't heard of Blogilates, then please let me introduce you two!!! Cassey Ho is an awesome, upbeat, encouraging instructor who puts out workout videos on youtube, and they're always fun energetic kick-your-butt-but-in-a-positive-way type videos. I think she also offers calendars of workouts that you can follow along with, along with recipe ideas and various other things, which you can take or leave. Check her stuff out, I hope you like it!
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I finally had time to try some of these out. Blogilates is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks, everyone! The others are good too and I may use them for some variety.
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