Information about the ballot initiatives in NYC election?
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It's voting time in NYC again, and this year it's possible to vote early at locations throughout the five boroughs. When it comes to the elections themselves, I know who I'll be voting for, but I was surprised to learn that there are five Yes/No initiatives on this ballot.

Is there a trusted progressive source to break down for me why I might (or might not) vote Yes on these? I know they come with dense paragraphs that I can read in advance, but if a news source has done a dive into the reasons behind these initiatives (and why I'm only hearing about them now?) I would appreciate it. I know I could vote without ballots but I'd prefer not to skip them.

Thank you! PS for other NY Mefites early voting runs all the way through the week until next Sunday, and Election Day itself is Nov. 5th.
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The website of the charter revision committee.
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I just voted early (yay!) and voted in favor of all five. The good-government group Citizens Union recommended a vote in favor of four of the five measures. The lone exception was for Question 3, but beyond saying the measure "includes controversial items and covers disparate issues," they didn't explain their opposition.

The New York Times editorial board, by contrast, recommended a "yes" on 3 but a "no" on 5. You can read their rationale at the link. Ultimately, they both agree on the big one, which is 1, the measure that would establish ranked-choice voting.
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New Kings Democrats have a writeup. I don’t necessarily personally agree with all their endorsements but they break things down pretty well.
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I actually got something in the mail about all of the initatives.
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NYC Campaign Finance Board. This is the same information that was mailed out.
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