One afternoon in Brooklyn - what's the latest and greatest?
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I'll be in NYC (specifically, Williamsburg) the afternoon of Monday October 28th w/ nothing in particular to do. What's the most not-to-be-missed thing happening right now that I could conceivably do during this time? I'll be arriving around lunch time, and will need to be back at National Sawdust in Williamsburg by around 7 or so.

I lived in Brooklyn about ten years ago, so you can assume I've done all the big permanent exhibits, been to the greatest parks, etc. Mostly, given the time constraints, I'm probably looking for galleries/museums that are either new, have substantially changed in the last 8 years, or have a great traveling/temp exhibit right now. The MOMA expansion is definitely on my radar, and I'm considering that.

There are bajillions of small museums I've never visited, so feel free to recommend those, or anything else you think is particularly worthy.

Bonus points if you can point me at a shoe/clothing store in either Williamsburg or an achievable locale that has an awesome selection of good-quality (but not, you know, $1K quality) black ankle boots and/or fun edgy clothing. In fact, I guess I could see that being an activity in and of itself!
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Best answer: Did you make it to The City Reliquary during that time? If not, that'd be my recommendation.
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Best answer: taking the NYC Ferry East River route costs 2.75 and is a wonderful way to spend an hour or so. stops in Willyb.
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Best answer: Head a couple more L stops inland to Bushwick. If you come out at Morgan, Jefferson, or even DeKalb, probably, you'll get plenty of “well THAT'S new” moments. There are several galleries, and other things in the links below. Just watch out for L train service changes.
Time Out guide to Bushwick | Where to Shop in Bushwick | Bushwick's 19 Standout Restaurants
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