Spraypaint still tacky after 15 hours (HalloweenFilter)
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As part of my Doctor Octopus costume, I am using gloss spray paint on vinyl flexible vent hose. This paint it still tacky to the touch after 15 hours. Can it be saved?

The spray paint can wasn't working well (leaking and sputtering) but I went ahead anyway and painted.

The coverage.... wasn't great and I probably ended up putting it on too thick, but the end result is that it is still tacky 15 hours later.

I have it in an overly warm room to try and cure the paint, but is there anything else I can do to try and get it touchable BEFORE my party on Saturday night so I can wear it?
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Hair dryer?
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I tried the hairdryer a little before I went to work this morning, and it didn't seem to be doing much good, at least over a 10-minute interval.

Would a heatgun work better?
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Having painted plenty of hobby stuff and costumes in my time, unfortunately you just have to wait. Give it another couple of days.

Also, this is too late to help, but always use primer. That is a lesson I learned at personal cost.
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My instinct was to prime it, but the paint formulation said it bonded directly to plastic, no primer needed. :-/
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aim a fan at it, the better the air can circulate the better it will dry
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I suspect a heatgun would melt the vinyl and/or blister the paint. If you do that, go slowly and carefully -- and maybe try it out on a scrap piece first.
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Krylon is pretty reliable (dries quick).
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The can that was weird and drippy and spatter-y WAS Krylon :-(
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What about misting another super-thin layer on from a good can of paint - make it worse, or maybe fix it?
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I did a painting party a few years ago with my friends, misc spray paint, and some smaller canvases. Some people went VERY heavy on the paint, and those pieces took probably 48 hours to get to “dry enough to move stacked on top of each other” status.

Things that should help it dry: warmth and circulation. Spray paint is a solvent, and dries by the materials in it volatilizing into the air. Things volatilize at a faster rate when they’re warm. And having a fan over it will blow away the gases formed from volatilization, and can create a slight negative pressure if blowing out more than in, mildly increasing the volatilization rate.
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Please do not add more paint. It will make the situation worse, no matter what the quality of the top layer.
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What does your paint say the drying time is? A very flat paint can dry fully within a couple hours. Something textured and thicker will take overnight for a typical coat. Of course, if you've put an extra-thick coat on, that will take even longer. Moving air will help a lot and be a lot gentler than heat, especially high heat.
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