Neat indie things to buy from the US?
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I occasionally buy things from the US and use a forwarding service to avoid extortionate international shipping. The service I use consolidates packages, so there's basically no extra cost to add small items that I wouldn't buy otherwise. What else can I buy in the US that I can't get in Europe?

I'm looking for small indulgences, not big purchases. Thus far I've bought e.g. Aromaleighcosmetics and BPAL perfume oils that I'd seen recommended by people for years. Any other quality stuff I should look into?

My relevant interests include:
- cosmetics and perfume
- knitting and crochet
- journals and fountain pen ink
- SFF geekery
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Small-run enamel pins from your favourite US-based artists/designers (or your favourite podcast, youtube channel, musician, fandom... everyone is doing pins these days).
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I've really wanted to try Olive and June nail varnish but they don't ship to Europe, also this serum by Maelove that also don't ship here.
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Best answer: Colourpop cosmetics (the new tinted moisturizer is great) and basics from ShopMissA (people love the PawPaw Wonder Blender) -- you save so much on international shipping from both of these brands.
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Stratia skincare? I love the liquid gold moisturizer enough to pay shipping to Canada but bundling with other purchases would be good. It’s the perfect lightweight moisturizer/serum layer. Two teens and two adults use it at my house.
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Best answer: Birmingham Pens make their own fountain pen ink, in tons of great colors.
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Indie yarn! For example, the people on this page. (I am friends with some of these people.)
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Response by poster: Thank you to everyone - I marked as best the ones I ended up ordering from. I now have a shiny parcel to look forward to!
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