Shopping for pull-out couches
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1) Do you have a pull-out couch you absolutely love? Please recommend it to me! 2) Are there any stores in NYC you recommend shopping at for pull-out couches? Thanks!
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Depending on your budget, the usual recs are American Leather (retailers carrying this brand in your area), Room & Board (Chelsea) and IKEA (Brooklyn, etc.). I've had okay-to-good experiences with AL, and mixed experiences with IKEA, but I have sleep trouble in general.
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We've had this sleeper sofa from Room & Board for about 10 years now and we have no complaints (I hesitate to say absolutely love b/c I have nothing to compare it to). They have a location in NYC.
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I got ours on clearance from IKEA and have had several people sleep on it without complaint. It's easy to put up and down and has a space underneath to store the linens and what not.
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For my "extra bedroom/office" type space I've been pleased with the Ikea Vallentuna. It's reasonably priced, reasonably configurable, decent to sit on, and decent to sleep on. People seem to enjoy it well enough and each "sleeper" component can be pulled out individually and yet if you pull them all out at the same time the seams between mattresses isn't irritating.

It is, however, a firm mattress.
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I got mine at Jennifer back in 2006 when it used be called Jennifer Convertibles and they had a store near me in Brooklyn Heights. Not exactly the most stylish piece of furniture, but it's a super-comfy couch that I've dozed-off on many times and it pulls out to a queen bed with an innerspring mattress for when I have guests.

I bought a couple panels of hardboard (HDF) at Home Depot to slip under the mattress for guests who need a bit more support or less bounciness. They are easily stored beneath the couch. I also got a foam layer to put on top of the mattress, and keep that rolled up in a closet when not in use. It all makes for a really comfortable bed for single guests and couples of all ages and sizes.
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We have this Grönlid sleeper sofa from IKEA and every guest we've had has said it's extremely comfortable. As someone who only sits on it, it started out a bit firmer than I like, but softened up nicely over a couple of months.
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Really like my Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pull out, and guests always say it's the most comfortable sleeper they've been on.
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Raymour and Flanagan has really nice sleeper couches that I have stayed on as a guest and raced to my hosts about. Really easy to fold in & out, super comfy.
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Best answer: We have an American Leather, and the Berin from Room and Board that mefireader posted is made by American Leather (basically any "day and night" sleeper on R&B is made by American Leather). We like ours because it is a true queen size mattress in a very small couch frame (72" wide). We ordered it at a local retailer and is was delivered and assembled by them. The basic mattress is firm, but they have other options if you order through AL retailers, though I think the R&B prices for their products are better IIRC...

Our guests say they have found it comfortable, it's easy to unfold and fold. We've slept on it several times and been happy, but we like a firm bed.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I went with Room & Board (where I'd bought a couch from before that has been extremely satisfying to me), and like oneirodynia, I also went with the queen-size Berin.
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