I loved Derry Girls. So what's next in the Irish TV queue?
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I want to keep the Irish TV thing going. Not British TV (though I loved IT Crowd and Gavin and Stacey, etc) but IRISH. What other TV series are out there for me to watch - drama, comedy, other - that's more insight into Irish culture? Or at least features some strong Irish characters and themes? Besides Father Ted I mean. Already feckin did that one.
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Bridget & Eamon
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Catastrophe, which is set mostly in London but which has the marvellous Sharon Horgan and features her mad Irish family.

And This Way Up, another Horgan sitcom, so it's funny and dark, as all her work is.
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Love / Hate
Hardy Bucks
Soupy Normn
Bachelor's Walk
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Another vote for Bridget and Eamon - we liked it so much we names our cats after it.
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Not a show but it felt like a short series- Young Offenders is a good movie, I think its on Netflix.
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... The Great Irish Bake Off
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Moone Boy is the sweetest thing.
Black Books
Father Ted
Jack Taylor
The Fall
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Dylan Moran - Like, Totally
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Young Offenders is both a TV series and a movie! I suppose it's the closest you'll get to a male equivalent of Derry Girls, though the setting is Cork city (in Irish terms that's a very long way from Derry).
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London Irish - written by Lisa McGee before Derry Girls.
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Can't Cope Won't Cope is two seasons of a pair of best friends figuring out their young adult lives in Dublin. Hilarious and streaming on ... something in the US.
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Moone Boy is pretty great and is available on Hulu (in the US, at least).
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Dublin Murders is a series based on a Tana French book that just this month started airing in the UK (BBC One) and Ireland (RTÉ 1). It'll be on Starz in the US in November. It's probably the best reviewed Irish drama since the aforementioned Love/Hate.
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Yeah, Moone Boy, for sure.
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Trivia was terriffic.
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Ballykissangel (available in USA for purchase on Amazon Prime or their Britbox subsidiary)
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If you’re up for a gentle kids’ show, Puffin Rock is lovely and is narrated by Chris O’Dowd from The IT Crowd and Moone Boy.
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I don't have a TV series to offer, but how about Metal Heart, an Irish movie from earlier this year. It's about twin sisters in Dublin; one is blonde and popular, the other is a brooding goth, and in the summer after whatever they call high school, their lives get switched by circumstances. Dylan Moran is their dad, if nothing else sold you, but the parents are barely in the movie.
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It’s a horror movie, but I enjoyed The Hole in the Ground (2019)
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If you're up for a violent, amusing crime series featuring Chris O'Dowd, check out Get Shorty the series. Not particularly Irish-focused, though (outside of some flashbacks of dear old dad teaching him how to be a thug back in Ireland).
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Single-Handed is a very good cop show set in rural Ireland.
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Response by poster: Loving so many of these. And given I've watched Black Books and the new Get Shorty I'm looking forward to all the rec's with Dylan Moran and Chris O'Dowd. THANKS TO ALL
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Black Books and The Fall are incredibly English, fyi.
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