Security tag still on after I bought backpack
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I went to Sausalito today and bought a really nice backpack made from recycled bottles. I love it! Problem. It was late and I was rushing to the ferry and they didn’t take the security tag off! tag in question. I really don’t want to go back to Sausalito tomorrow as I’m back to work on Friday- what are my options to get this tag off without hurting myself/dying myself?

I talked to a nice Swedish tourist on the ferry back and he said I could either use a strong magnet to take it off (how) or take it to a local mall with the receipt and explain and they’d help me out. I’d much rather the mall do it- but I would like a script to tell the people at IDK uniqlo so they don’t think I’m a thief. Hope me metafilter!
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That's a pretty standard looking tag. Are you in SF? I'd call the shop and ask them what to do, or stop by somewhere like Sports Basement or REI with your receipt and see if they'll do it for you.
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go to a department store maybe where they have a lot of counters so you can choose a person who looks kind and not busy. I feel like macys always has this kind of security tag. Uniqulo also is a good one....
Then I would say this:

Hey, ugh, I am sorry to be a bother but I have a weird problem and i am wondering if you could help me...
[pull out bag and receipt from some other bag you are carrying it in]
I bought this bag in sausalito yesterday but they left the stoopid security tag on there and I am NOT trying to take the ferry back to sausalito.... Any chance you could try to get it off with your magnet thingy?
[they do it]
omg thank you so much!!! You've made my day and saved me a trip! Really appreciate it :)!!!


good luck, I think they will be happy to help you out!
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Well, if I recall how shoplifters removed those security tags from the clothing store I used to work at, I believe you could just file the security tag down with some sort of sharp object.
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That happened to me once but it was on a coat I wore *into* a store that set the alarm off. They didn’t sell that kind of coat there and they just took the tag off for me.
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Yeah, if you have some rare-earth magnets, Horkus's suggestion should work. If you're likely to be back there at some point, keep the undamaged tag and hand it back in.
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Well, if I recall how shoplifters removed those security tags from the clothing store I used to work at, I believe you could just file the security tag down with some sort of sharp object.

Those tags generally have ink in them so freeze it first if you decide to go this route.
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I would use a magnet. They work. If you would rather not, call the store and ask them how to proceed. Seems to me that it is the store that screwed up by not taking it off. Also, why did the alarm not go off when you left with the tag on?
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Its one of the newer touristy places in Sausalito- but a really big nice one “Only in Sausalito” on Bridgeway. They have a weird ratio of well made tourist crap and nice stuff sprinkled in like good but not too expensive jewelry and very very nice recycled plastic bags which are great. This was the first time I saw the backpacks made of the same material as my bag (was literally wearing the bag I got here earlier this year when I bought this pack) but they’re on a street not a mall so no security alarms. Which makes the presence of the tag super weird.
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I have done this - I asked politely in a shop - had the receipt - and it was 100% no problem. The assistant said it happens fairly often, and they have a good idea of who is shoplifting and what so she wasn't suspicious.
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No magnets? Two forks.
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What you're up against. Apparently the one in that video isn't the ink-filled kind, though the pin locking mechanism will be the same.

As long as you don't damage the housing of the larger part, you won't let out any ink.
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If you do go to another store and an employee removes it for you, please get their name and write a complimentary note to the store about the great service (generic-don't rat them out) and exclaim how much that gains your loyalty/undying love for the store/perfect 10 and such.

Store corporate denziens are all about the "metrics" nowadays and customers more often write in to complain. Any little check mark for an employee can never hurt them.
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If you have the receipt, this should be no problem to do in a different store.
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I took a chisel and hammer to one that looked exactly like this on an Ann Taylor skirt that I bought at an outlet. Just insert the chisel/flat head screwdriver in a likely place and whang it with the hammer. Presto open. There was no ink. Nothing bad happened to the skirt. The tag just sprang apart. YMMV but I would just get some tools and go to town.
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Update! Uniqlo-forever21-target-gap-Victoria’s secret and few others all don’t use this style of tag anymore and while very sympathetic and kind could not help me. The lady from Victoria’s Secret wrestled with it a bit but was afraid of tearing my bag. Many of them said that the Ross in lakeshore uses this tag and could help me so now I’m going more then a little out of my way via bus. This was not how I wanted to spend my day off but wheeee life happens sometimes. Hope Ross can help me. If not it’s DIY time!
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And Ross is a bust
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Can you call Uniqlo and ask them how ton return it, postage-paid by them, and be sent one that doesn’t have a tag?
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So! SUCCESS! I went to the freaking UPS store and they had a pair of pliers to lend me and I did it myself while everyone laughed! The lady at the counter helped me look up YouTube videos and this was a fucking wild way to spend a Thursday I’ll tell you what. Thanks for all the help!
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