Help me remember a word association game
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I rememeber playing a web-based game circa 2009-2010. It started out with a word like "farm" and you had to guess words related to the word farm. Words like "ox," "rooster," "tractor" unlocked new boxes, and you could guess more words related to those. This network expanded further and further out into theme-based squares in a larger board: so there was a "magician" box, a "Britain" box, etc. Does this ring a bell for anybody? My googling is turning up nothing.
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Was it Lateral, on Kongregate?
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Best answer: I'm on my work computer so I cant link to it, but it was called Funny Farm. If you google Funny Farm word game, you'll find it!
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Response by poster: FUNNY FARM. Thank you!
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Is there a way to play this now?
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Wow this must've gone down in the past month or so, because I definitely played it recently! Now when I click on my bookmark, I get an error page.
posted by silverstatue at 9:00 PM on October 15, 2019 has a (broken) copy of the game. Also, the developer's site is down, but the Wayback mirror has a copy of his contact page if you want to try tracking him down.
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There was a metafilter post about it in 2006.
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