...and the seventh brings return
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Im hoping someone can identity two fonts from the cover of the Wilhem translation of the I Ching.

The cover photo is here. (Biggest I could find)
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What the Font says the author text is in the Futura family (ATFutura Maxi-Bold, Futura Bold, Futura T Bold, Futura EF Bold). The other one I cannot find a match for. Neither Identifont nor WTF gave any info. Go ask on the WTF forums.
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Looks like custom lettering to me. They're pretty basic grid-based letters. Shouldn't be difficult to recreate in Illustrator.
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I'd guess that the 'I CHING' is hand lettered. Here is a result from MyFonts, none a perfect match.
The rest of the type looks like Futura to me.
On preview: what cobaltnine said.
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What do you need these for? If you just need a vector-based rendering of I CHING I'd be happy to do it; if you need the whole alphabet then no dice. :)

The other stuff is absolutely Futura Bold.
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I agree, it's mostly Futura and the title is given in some hand-lettered grid font. That's quite an old cover design, and Font Bureau's Agency was probably designed some time later, but it's the closest I know to that title letterform.
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Thank you all! best answers all around. Agency FB is pretty damn close, thanks for the visual tellurian.

and Futura Bold! Thank you!

I'm devising a unique IChing resource/guide... wanted to parody this cover for the site header

(its on the cover of Bringing it All Back Home, used by Syd Barrett, hexagram 24 "a movement is completed in six stages, and the seventh brings return")
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