Portland-centered crappy-road daytrips* for fall and winter
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About 6 months ago I bought a new Crosstrek. I would like to make sure I am getting out and doing enough with it to make it worth it.

I'm looking for hikes, sights, and experiences that will make use of the AWD and higher clearance of the car. Ideally these are daytrips - even long days are okay - as it turns out I don't really love camping alone, but I'm not opposed to some overnights if you've got something that's really amazing. I've done a fair amount of snowshoeing. I haven't done any cross-country skiing, but if you've got a spot that's just perfect, this might be the year I learn how.

I'm comfortable with long hikes (25-30 miles/day) in less-than-ideal weather, and straight elevation gains are no problem. I'd like to do more caving. I'm trying to do more hikes where I spend time paying attention to and appreciating unique landscapes and flora, and less about "conquering", so these don't necessarily have to be grueling exercises! I haven't spent nearly enough time in the eastern parts of Oregon or Washington, so I'm particularly interested in things east of the Cascades.
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Glass Butte southeast of Prineville has terrible roads and obsidian is fun.
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We used to go XC skiing near Spout Springs near Tollgate. A roadhouse along the way had Sasquatch print castings. There are plenty of hiking trails in the Blues.

I also have some fine memories from Juniper Dunes outside of Pasco, and plenty of hikes up Chinook Pass. Take Satus Pass up to Yakima from Goldendale.
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Going to Sutton Mountain via 84/206/19/Twickenham Bridge Creek Cutoff Road, then Mitchell to Brothers not via highways would involve a lot of gravel roads, some of them with high clearance needed. That second piece after Mitchell should take you through the Ochocos. It's a real maze back there so I'd recommend offline maps, secondary maps, and letting someone know where you're going and when you'll be back.
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