Emergency Halloween costume ideas!
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Please help this Halloween costume lazy-head come up with an easy, but fun last minute Halloween costume.

I’ve been roped into attending an industry event this Friday night by my wife, and one of the requirements is that you show up wearing a “brand” oriented costume (we both work in the advertising industry). I usually avoid events that require me to dress up as something I’m not, because I’m an insufferable party pooper, so my capacity for coming up good costume ideas is virtually non existent.

Since I’m attending this event with my wife, I’m looking for ideas that fit the following criteria:

• Makes sense in the context of us being a couple, although it doesn’t have to specifically be a “couple” oriented thing (e.g., dressing up as Best Buy employees)

• Is “brand” related. So costumes related to products, well known commercials for products, logos, or even abstract ideas, like dressing up in all hot-pink and white to represent T-Mobile’s branding.

• Does not require a lot of work, in terms of building ancillary props, stitching clothing, etc. we only have 3 days from today to come up with something. If it requires something that we may need to buy in a store, locally, that’s fine.
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M&Ms are a ridiculously easy costume. Just need a t-shirt (and ideally matching pants) in an M&M color, then print an iron-on transfer of the iconic lower-case m or make a fabric spray paint template.
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I've seen people (and I frankly don't understand it UNLESS you were supposed to wear a brand-oriented costume) dress like Flo and Jake from Progressive and State Farm..
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Apple Store employees work as a good brand: hipster outfit (or at least skinny jeans) with a t-shirt that has the Apple logo on it.

You could always do Avengers or Star Wars costumes, those are some of the biggest brands around if we're being honest.
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Wear white pants and a white shirt on which you’ve printed “GENERIC” in black.
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The founders of Procter and Gamble would just require you to wear a dark suit and one of you to wear a neck beard. You can help people understand the costumes by adding name tags ala "Hello My Name Is William Procter" and "Hello My Name Is James Gamble."
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Wear white pants and a white shirt on which you’ve printed “GENERIC” in black.

Better yet, "SHIRT" and "PANTS".
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Mr. Clean and Mrs. Dash. You wear a bald cap and a white outfit with a gold hoop earring. She wears a 50s housewife style dress with an apron with pictures of spices and vegetables and the Mrs. Dash Logo on it.

OK, so they're not married (to each other, as far as we know) but it does have the "Mr. and Mrs." thing going for it.
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You could go as a hippie/1970s-looking couple from the "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" Coke commercial.

You could likely find fun clothes and accessories at a thrift shop. They have tons of wild clothes out this time of year.
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Animal ear headbands + this tag.
HI, my name is Barbie/Ken. With a tag on your back or on the sole of your shoe that says Mattel in the font they use (make sure you sit with your feet so people can see the tag).
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Is it an international audience, with, perhaps, Canadians there? Be use the Canadian brand No Name has been killing the branding game lately. A couple of simple specific yellow shirts printed with Helvetica font "this is [name]" would be very memorable for those in the know.
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The Get a Mac campaign would be easy, with one of you in a suit and the other in a blue button down shirt.
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If you have a printer and iron on transfer paper, the easiest superhero costume is a t-shirt that reads MY OTHER IDENTITY IS A SECRET.
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I'm going as a crayon this halloween. I have matching colored shirt and pants at Wal-Mart (a sweat suit would work). I bought a cone party hat at the dollar store and I'm using cheap craft paint to make it match the clothes. I got stick on letters at Wal-Mart. Easy peasy, and can be reused. You and your wife could go as coordinating colors.
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Wear white pants and a white shirt on which you’ve printed “GENERIC” in black.

If you are fine with yellow, you might be interested in the No Name ad campaign currently underway here in Canada (No Name is an actual brand). There's even No Name beer.
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Ah. saucysault was already there with the No Name suggestion.

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Dressing like a Target employee would be really easy. You may already have the clothes, even! Maybe get name tags and fashion them to look like Target name tage.
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Price is right contestant and one person is a dog/cat with info about spay and neuter clinics in your area
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