A MaCy gray area.
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Does anyone have any recollection of a live awards type program but not an awards show that was more of a tribute special to the rock and roll genre where I specifically saw an AMAZING cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds sung by Macy Gray? I have been wracking my brain for years trying to find it and I cant remember what station it was on, what year or why it was even on. It was sometime between 1998 and 2003

I saw the show and was trying to point to it during a conversation of the best cover songs but no on in the conversation had any idea what I was talking about and then it was me trying to prove the show actually was televised. I lived in Des Moines, Iowa at that time and live in Kansas City, Mo now but I cant imagine the programming on cable changes much during primetime
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Are you sure it wasn't 'With a little help from my friends'?

Music of the millenium and Concert for New York City here. Probably a few others knocking around YouTube too.
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I can honestly say it was Lucy in the Sky but it may very well have ended with A little Help from my Friends but that was sung with I think Shania Twain, Shaka Khan, Bonnie Raitt, et al. Man I wish I could find that clip!
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No this is not the show. I recall it was very early on in Macy Grays career which was the catalyst for my becoming a fan. She had on these thigh high patent leather boots and looked fierce.
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Setlist.fm is usually pretty good about this stuff, but while it lists three different performances of The Beatles by Macy Gray, they are all "With a Little Help from my Friends." If she did "Lucy in the Sky" might it have been a one-off done specifically for a John Lennon tribute show?
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