My beautiful blue broom
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I remember seeing for a sale a beautiful broom online many years ago. It was a vivid trap or aquamarine color. It was very pretty, so pretty that the person who posted the link claimed they had painted their kitchen a complementary color in order to display it publicly. I can’t find anything similar for sale online (or not for sale), just cheap plastic stuff. Did I imagine this broom or did it really exist?
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Here's a pretty blue broom from Berea College...was it something in that style?
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Students at Berea College make colorful, high quality brooms.

Edited to add : Jinx!
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It looks like this company will make a custom broom in any color you want, including teal. (Obviously, I appreciate a nice broom.)
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Sweep Dreams brooms - no longer for sale in the USA, according to the MadMats site. (Linking to whisk version for the vivd blue color; broom link in red; Amazon example in green, also listed as unavailable).
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Those are all amazing and beautiful brooms! None of them looks exactly like the one I remembered but I may be able to fill my sweeping needs .....
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