How to find an MDMA therapist in New York
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I wonder how one goes about finding a psychedelic therapist using MDMA in New York. Asking for a scared friend.
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You can’t, as it’s not legal. You can look into whether any clinical trials are recruiting though.
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For obvious reasons these folks don’t advertise. It’s a lot of work and asking friends of friends of friends And mostly dead ends. I’m not local to your area, but I would look for psychedelic legalization meetups, or other parallel organizations. It’s lots of legwork.

It has been my experience that an open therapist will help prepare your for, during and process after an experience like that, but won’t necessarily be the one providing the medication.

Finding someone with real training is hard, but doable... the venn diagram of “legitimately trained, possibly licensed therapists” and “experience with psychedelic therapy” has a very, very small overlap. MDMA in particular, is really hard to find in reliably dosed, pure states. Most is cut with other amphetamines. Other psychedelics are a bit easier to obtain. Unless your friend is 100% sure (drug testing kits are cheaper than hospital visits) the drug is pure MDMA, I would highly suggest alternate routes.
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Maybe these folks in Philadelphia can help your friend?
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Can you say anything more about your friend's interest in MDMA therapy? Do they have specific psychotherapeutic goals, are they looking for a psychedelic spiritual experience, or is it something else altogether? Are the open to things other than MDMA, or is that the drug the only option they want to pursue?
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Dealing with severe anxiety, health anxiety, trauma due to family health traumata. Only interested in MDMA.
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