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This is a long shot but I'm hoping some Michael Caine aficionados on the green can help me out.

There's a movie Caine made in the late seventies or maybe the eighties that begins with him looking at the camera and saying, "In my family there was never a bad word spoken. In fact there was never a good word spoken. My parent's didn't speak to each other at all."

I'm looking for the name of the movie. It was a comedy and I thought it might be a scene from Hannah and Her Sisters. I just re-watched the entire two hours of it, and didn't find the line.

Thanks for any ideas!
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Alfie? The imdb page doesn't have the exact quote but there is straight to camera stuff in that film and the quote fits. The film is late 60s though.
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What does the character look like, i.e. which Michael Caine?
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Interiors? (I’ve never seen it.)
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“My folks were married almost 50 years. Never said a harsh word. Never said a kind word. They just didn’t speak is what it was.”

This is Michael Caine addressing camera about five and a half minutes into BLAME IT ON RIO (1984), the middle-aged-man-sex-with-teenaged-girl comedy directed by (checks notes, cleans spectacles, checks notes again) Stanley Donen. It’s on Amazon Prime.
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