How do I turn my iPhone into a dictaphone?
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I want an iPhone app that will let me make multiple short voice recordings over the course of the day, appending them to a single audio file instead of creating a new recording each time. I also want this to be very quick—just open the app, press REC, and talk. (I don’t want to open the app, select a recording, select edit... etc. This is why Voice Memos isn’t doing it for me.) Basically I want to use my phone like Agent Cooper uses his dictaphone. Is there an app that will let me do this?
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I use an app called VoiceRecorder for this. After you open the app, 2 taps to start recording, 1 tap to pause or restart on the same recording.
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Best answer: Just Press Record, perhaps. (I cannot remember if it has the option to append to a single audio file or not, and no longer use an iPhone.)
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Just Press Record is the best app for this type of thing. Hella shortcuts, even a complication on Apple Watch. Also: auto transcripts!
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Response by poster: Thank you! VoiceRecorder was also good, but JustPressRecord was closest!
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