Filter Google Analytics by Subdirectory?
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I'm using Google Analytics (nee Urchin) to try and analyze my site's stats, but there is one thing I just can't figure out how to do (perhaps I can't do it at all): How do I view the stats filtered by subdirectory?

E.g., I have a number of blogs at,, and I'd like to know the traffic for each blog.

The filters feature doesn't work like I expect it to, and the documentation says nothing about what it actually does (it just explains how to set them up).

My best understanding is that the filters might work the way I want them to, but I'd need to set up additional Website Profiles in order to keep them separate from the unfiltered view, and I can only create 5 profiles (I have over a dozen blogs).
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How about the "Content Drilldown" view? It's under "Content Optimization" then "Content Performance". It gives basic stats at the directory level.
posted by smackfu at 12:36 PM on March 6, 2006

Yes, that's what I need.

Thanks a lot.
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