Cargo pants that don't look like cargo pants
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It appears Dockers has discontinued my two favorite pants. Both were "cargo" pants, but not in a traditional sense where the cargo pockets were external and bulky -looking. Need a substitute. Details follow ...

Dockers' Comfort Cargo D3 Classic-Fit Flat-Front Pants are getting more and more difficult to find. These cargo pants have a single cargo pocket on the right leg, but it's a slit, low-profile pocket with a zipper. (In case you're wondering, these are the pants: )
I'm ordering a couple pair from Amazon, but the pickings have gotten predictable slimmer over the past year.

Dockers also carried similar pants with a slit, zippered pocket on each leg, but I can't find these anywhere. These were great not just because I tend to carry keys, wallet, two phones (sometimes) -- but at least one -- and other pocket detritus, but also, every other day, I need to carry a portable battery (Sony Walkman-sized, but thicker) to charge a medical implant on my lower left back. And, rather than use the flimsy holder that clips to a belt (and "flimsy" is too mild a word for its uselessness), the left "cargo" pocket is ideal for holding the battery for the 2 or so hours it takes to charge the implant. The right pocket is less ideal, but it'll do.

So, just asking if anyone knows of any other durable pants that offer a low-profile cargo pocket? A single pocket. either side, is fine. I just hate traditional cargo pants. I just can't seem to refine my Google-fu in a way that's returning anything useful.
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These Scottevest pants are crypto cargo pants with multiple pockets and they're on sale. I think you can get 15% off by entering your email address too. They have other models if that doesn't fit the bill.
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Seconding Scottevest cargo pants; I've worn them for years and besides the extra hidden pockets they're pretty comfortable and semi-water resistant.
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They're a synthetic fibre but these Eddie Bauer Guide Pro pants are my go to.decent front pockets, velcro'ed rear pockets and a zippered pocket on each thigh.
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Dickies has these Multi-Use Pocket Work Pants (and probably others). Limited sizes at the moment though.
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Maybe these from Duluth Trading?
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I'm completely in love with the Prahna Stretch Zion pants. I have several pair. They're trim and very comfortable, but they aren't super cheap (list at $89US, but often on sale).

The (single) cargo pocket is discrete. The main pockets are deep and secure.

Why you might not love these as much as I do:

1. I live somewhere mostly-hot. These aren't super warm. That said, I have hiked in 50 degree weather in them and been fine.

2. They have a snap thing on the bottoms you can use to roll them up a bit. I have only rarely deployed these (hot weather hiking), and they're discrete enough if you don't want to use them.
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Wrangler, Cabela's, Nike, after looking for "zipper pocket cargo pants." Previously mentioned Scottevest essential 9-pocket daily cargo pants, Scottevest contemporary 6-pocket cargo pants, after searching "hidden pockets cargo pants." For other search terms, "tech," "techwear" and "travel" cargo pants sometimes have slim/low-profile/integrated cargo pockets.
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5.11 Tactical make a big range of technical work trousers with hidden pockets etc.
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In searching for "internal pocket cargo pants" (low-profile pockets are still accessed from exterior):
I wish there were more pictures/colors offered: United Uniform Men's 8-Pocket Proflex Internal Cargo Trousers
Haband Stretch Twill, Ultimate Chino, and Travelers Canvas models
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Something from G-Star? I love them, but they can be a bit spendy.
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