Software for a courier - a van tablet?
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We have a delivery driver for our warehouse - it would be REALLY cool to have a tablet permanently mounted in the van to which we could send his list of jobs, and which he could use with Google Maps to route him from point to point.

Cool features:-

- Working out the most optimal route, so something like Speedy Route but done BY the app.

- Notes for particular jobs, like: it's OK to leave this delivery round the back, customer has given permission

- Ability to send jobs via a SIM card data connection (alternative would be for the van to pick up the jobs whilst it's still connected to the company WiFI at "Base".)

I've tried Googling for this but all I can find is apps to FIND a courier if you've got a job that needs doing as an end user.

Any tips?!

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Maybe Route4Me?

I did manage to find this: Which is the best delivery driver route planner app
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I THINK I've just managed to solve my own question:
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I work a driving job that recently switched from paper route sheets to tablets. Samsung tablets with sim cards using software called 'routeoptix' (that 'gsmtasks' looks similar.) It's great. They can leave me notes for each stop, there's a mapping navigation feature, if anything weird is going on I can take a picture that will automatically be sent to the office, and likewise if the office changes my route mid day the tablet will auto update and ping me a notification.
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Just because you wrote "permanently mounted", I thought I might mention that I'd recommend against leaving it in the van all the time - the temperatures in the empty van could affect the battery life or even kill the tablet over time.
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