Passive House Systems required in floodplains?
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Are there any cities/communities requiring PHS in new buildings in floodplains to system to reduce carbon footprint?
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Since there isn't a direct connection between having a passive house and protection from floods, I'm not sure that this would necessarily exist. I actually haven't personally heard of any cities that require passive house building standards, though some have strong energy efficiency requirements.
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To me this is exactly counter-intuitive/counter-indicated. Passive House is about spending more up front to do better for the environment with the knowledge that over long time frames the investment pays back. Building in floodplains is making a deliberate gamble that the next destructive flood won't happen before the usefulness of the building has paid off. There is a lot to be said for resilient and flood protected design in floodplains, but those measures are at the very least orthogonal to passive house.
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I'm building a certified passivhaus right now so have done a lot of research. Nowhere in the world can I find anyone mandating a passivhaus build in any location, let alone a flood plain.

Additionally there are flood plains and flood plains. What a city or municipal authority, state govt etc calls a flood plain can differ, and it's not necessarily a yes/no categorisation. Something may be a flood plain for one in a hundred year flooding for example.

I'm also not totally clear on what you mean by system. Do you mean heat recovery ventilation systems? Passivhaus is not really a system but a series of specifications that buildings must meet, factoring in energy use, source, humidity etc.
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