Wanted: this coat
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My husband really, really likes this coat that Harry S Truman wore in Twin Peaks. (For non-TP fans, the guy on the right.) Do you know where I can find it, or one that's similar?
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I'd bet money that's from the '50s, and was unique when Twin Peaks was new in the 1990s--I don't think it was an off-the-rack purchase even then. There was wave of 50s nostalgia in the late '70s and '80s (think Grease, the Stray Cats, Weetzie Bat and even Blade Runner), with an accompanying wave of reproduction/revival clothing, but that looks like the real deal.

I think your best bet would be Etsy or Ebay, or your local vintage clothing store. Keywords that might work include "patch pocket," "slubby," "atomic" or "atomic fleck." Sometimes the fabric is also referred to as "tweed" or "atomic tweed" but it really isn't tweed per se.
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This is similar ... Found by searching for Atomic Fleck, per pullayup's suggestion
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I'd start hunting for fabric, and just have one custom made. Finding a jacket of similar fit would probably be an easy hunt. Emailing some specialty fabric stores with that photo might get you pretty close.

Having cloth and a garment you'd like cloned in hand can be pretty inexpensive, if you're looking for something particular, especially if you're looking at items that are nicer, and vintage, and coveted by other fans of a media property. A friend who worked at a vintage store said they regularly marked up old pendelton 'dude sweaters' almost triple their normal markup, because they easily could, even if the sweater wasn't an exact replica.
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Here's a similar request apparently from......MICHAEL ONTKEAN. With more pictures. I would describe that as a 3 button hunting jacket.
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Reminds me of some vintage Pendleton coats I used to have. My search terms would be vintage pendleton blazer.
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Yep, that jacket was vintage in 1991. I agree that "vintage Pendleton" is your way to go here. (In order to get it to fit well, you may need tailoring; this is where it might be easier to try to source it at your local vintage shop/flea market first.)
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Reminds me of Pendleton, too, but the pattern is quieter than most Pendleton multi-color coats. If Pendleton appeals, try vintage "topster" and "49er" as search terms. See also vintage Skyline, esp. the hobnobber coat or jacket. Keyword ideas: Woolrich, rockabilly, slubbed, slubbed tweed, speckled, and flecked vintage 50s/60s/70s wool outerwear.
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Could also try calling it a “field coat” or a “car coat”.
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What See you tomorrow, saguaro said. I'm pretty sure that is a Pendleton from the 60's. My Dad had a couple, and he never took them off, wore them everywhere.
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Pendleton wins: We were contacted by the costumers for the new show about this particular jacket, worn by Sheriff Harry S. Truman. It was a vintage Pendleton, and they were hoping we had one in our archives. Sadly, we did not. -- excerpted from "Twin Peaks and Pendleton," July 20, 2017 official Pendleton blog post
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