Event check-in app that allows for repeat QR code/barcode scanning?
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I'm running an expo that will have multiple vendors demonstrating their products. I plan to give all event attendees a unique QR code. I would like to find a mobile app that will: (1) allow me, as the event organizer, to check-in all attendees at the main door by scanning their QR code with a mobile app; and (2) allow each vendor to scan the QR codes of only the attendees who come to their table. Therefore, I'll have a master list of attendees, and each vendor will have a specific list of attendees who dropped by their table. This is the only functionality I need from the software. I see there's a ton of stuff out there, but most of it is overcomplicated for my purposes. Whatever software choice, it needs to be as simple as possible for the vendor to use. Help!
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You don’t mention budget, but are you aware of the existence USB barcode scanners? I’ve used them with chrome books, and in my experience it was way faster than scanning a QR code. Whether or not it would be worth it depends on how much you care about compliance rates at the vendors tables, how much time people spend at a table, and how tech literate your population is.
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I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible. Barcodes are fine. I'd really prefer to use an app that can scan the codes though rather than having to provide USB dongles for everyone to plug into their phone (that's what you're suggesting right)?

I love Attendify but the pricing is ridiculous.
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Airtable is basically a sophisticated cloud-based spreadsheet tool whose app supports scanning barcode info directly into cells - seems like that'd meet your needs pretty well.
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How do you envision the vendors getting the information at the end of the event? Will they send you their list of QR codes scanned, which you then process into contact lists, or will the attendee's information be embedded in the QR code directly, for the vendors to process on their own?

I recently attended a large trade show that used a system provided by RCS. It seemed to work fairly well from the perspective of an attendee, but I can't say anything about the vendor side. It seems to be designed to do exactly what you have in mind, though this was a show where exhibitor pricing started at a few thousand dollars, so it may well be at a different price point than you have in mind.
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I've heard good things in passing about ConferenceBadge.com. You pay for the badges (less if you print them yourself, more if they ship them to you) but the badges can have a standard vCard QR Code that basically anything can read. They then recommend using CamCard, available on multiple platforms/devices, to scan the codes. As I understand it the app is free for up to 200 cards.

The vCard QR code is also probably the way to go if you want to do this all yourself. The nice thing about standards is that they exist outside of badge printing services or random phone apps, so you should be able to find other services and apps that support it.

As a side note the generic term for this whole concept is lead retrieval. Searching online for lead retrieval and vcard qr code seems to bring up a lot of options.
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