Potable water at AMC huts that are closed for winter?
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I'm planning to hike Mount Adams in the White Mountains this fall. I know the Madison Spring Hut is a great place to refill water bottles when it's open (May through September), but now that it's closed for winter - can you still get potable water there? (e.g., from a well pump outside the hut?) Thanks in advance!
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I wouldn't count on water if the huts are closed.

There are a couple of Randolph Mountain Club shelters on the side of Adams. Grey Knob is just at treeline and depending on your route you might be hiking right past it. It's open year round and water comes from a spring about 1/4 mile away from it. Crag Camp is another RMC shelter but I think they use the same spring as Grey Knob.

If you have a filter you should find water at Star Lake, which is very close to Madison Hut. That might even be the water source for Mad hut.

If you can bring a small stove with you you should be able to melt enough snow or ice to refill. You should find some that time of year.

For a day hike I've always just carried everything I need for the day.
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Call/ email AMC and ask.
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Agree, I don't think you can count on it/probably shouldn't expect it. On the AMC page for the Madison Spring Hut it says "Cold running water is available in the washrooms." Contrast this with the Hermit Lake shelters, where it says, "Winter: Potable water generally available by hand-pump."
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+1 to bondcliff's beta about not replying on Madison Spring and erring to the RMC lodges. I've gone up Adams in the winter and stayed at Gray Knob. The spring is equidistant to Crag on a side trail and it required an ice axe to break through. Just go up with everything you need. Winter isn't a time to ultralight.
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ugh, my bad, I didn't catch that you said you were climbing in the fall. The spring between Gray Knob and Crag should be accessible in the autumn, and Chandler Falls should be productive if you're climbing up the northern side from King Ravine. From the south, Star Lake is fine, and you might have some decent flow on the waterfalls from Parapet Brook if you're going up Madison Gulf.
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