MacOS Calendar app that will use the event color coding of Google's?
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I'm looking for a desktop app for MacOS that doesn't just do calendar color coding wholesale, but uses a color coding scheme that's parallel with Google Calendar's, so that my events are color-coded as they would be on This has been surprisingly hard to search for, and every app I've done the trial for doesn't work in this way.

Some more details:

+ I only use the one calendar associated with a Google account. No iCalendar or anything like that.

+ I'd prefer a larger cost upfront than a subscription model.

+ If there are multiple options, I'd like the one that's most robust, obviously!

+ Natural language processing would be great.

+ A task or to-do system with reminders would be awesome.

Let me know if there's anything else I can answer!
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I haven’t used it on Mac or as a desktop app, but the web version of Amazing Marvin does this. (They have a MacOS app, don’t know how well it works though.) Caveat, they just added Google Calendar sync a few months ago and are still working out the kinks.

Your other points:
+ It’s subscription but you can also buy a lifetime subscription.
+ Amazing Marvin is very robust, their whole platform is having ten million different options you can turn on and off to make it do exactly what you want.
+ I know there’s some natural language processing but I don’t use it that often because I find it slower so I don’t know how expansive it is.
+ It’s primarily a task system!

As noted above Marvin is about turning on and off a bunch of options, so you’d have to turn on the calendar function and calendar sync strategy for this to work, so the functionality may not be obvious at first but it’s definitely there.
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It seems like Amazing Marvin is really rad, but doesn't yet offer native sync with GCal, unfortunately. I'll be checking it out for task management, though!
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Oh right, it doesn't have automatic syncing yet. That's still in the works! I forget because the sync button is on the main page so I just sync at the beginning of the day and then forget about it.
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Okay, I am guessing that this is such an obvious suggestion that you've already ruled it out, but just on the offhand that you have not... Fantastical on MacOS syncs color-coding with Exchange accounts, and it was one of the few that worked well for this. However, after search and searching I can't find anything that says one way or the other about Google Calendars, so if you happen to not have yet it might be one to test and see.
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I've never found a custom app to do so, but I did use Fluid ( to turn the Google calendar site into an OSX app at one point.
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Might be missing the point here — but Google Calendar allows you to change the colour coding (just click the three dots next to the calendar name in the list in the left hand menu).

So you could pick whatever MacOS app you like best, and then change the Google colours to match it?
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