I Love My Baby Cause She Does Good Sculptures - a dance party
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Counterintuitively, the B-52s now featured on the blue have always seemed very autumnal to me. This suggests, somehow, a sort of autumnal dance party. Given the constraints below, what would you recommend?

Okay, so obviously the B-52s would be included. I feel that a general retro-surfy-mid-century-ironic-campy vibe is desirable, something relatively light-hearted. Thus I would include, eg, the Rezillos' (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures and on the "about as sad as it gets" end the John Wesley Harding cover of "If You Have Ghosts".

As ever, I don't want music that's full of creepy-rapey stuff or racism. Big thumbs down to "trying to persuade a woman to have sex with you by recounting the alleged intensity of your feelings and/or sexual desire" lyrics. Big thumbs up to songs about space, songs about dancing, songs about places, songs about songs, and more songs about dancing.
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Shonen Knife — Riding on the Rocket
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The cramps - garbageman
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Groove is in the heart by Dee-Lite
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Dance For Me - Southern Culture on the Skids
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My definition of a bombastic jazz style By the Dream warriors
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These look great. As I was listening to the Dream Warriors (CanCon!!) I realized...those guys are nerds, aren't they? They...have a song about twelve sided dice. I am 100% sold on their first album right now.
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Dow Jones and the Industrials - Ladies With Appliances

Originally released on 1980’s Red Snerts, which has a bunch of bleepy blorp indie new wave stuff that fits the bill.
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Sonic Boom Boy - Westworld.
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It doesn't ping the "retro-surfy-mid-century-ironic-campy vibe", but Earth Wind And Fire's "September" seems like it should be on your list.
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The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed
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Some loving and danceable ’60s pop homages / rehabilitations:

The Detroit Cobras, Hey Sailor
Papas Fritas, Sing About Me and Small Rooms
Sleater-Kinney, Rollercoaster
Pizzicato Five, Go Go Dancer
Teenage Fanclub, Sparky’s Dream
Stereolab, Les Yper-Sound
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Peach Kelli Pop, Dreamphone
King Kahn and the Shrines, Land of the Freak
Guantanamo Baywatch, Neglect
The Apples in Stereo, Rocket Pad
The Modern Lovers, Government Center
ESG, Dance
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where's Captain Kirk
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I made a mistake not including Tally Ho, and while I'm back I also want to plug Guerilla Toss.

The Clean, Tally Ho
Guerilla Toss, Betty Dreams of Green Men
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The Only Ones, Another Girl, Another Planet
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Stereolab is more complex & fuzzy than the B52's, but they share a love of danceable beats & breezy vocal harmonies. It's all good, their early stuff is more punky.
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