HALP! ISO cheaper cartridges for a Brother HD-3170CDW laser printer
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Cartridge numbers = TN221BK, TN221M, TN221C, TN221Y Brother online on Amazon and Staples online have the cartridges for $70 - 75 each. OIder Asks say that compatible cheaper cartridges vary in quality. Please recommend current reliable sources. Thanks (wanders off muttering that cost of set of replacement cartridges should not approach cost of new printer . . . )
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I buy from 123inkjets.com. Reliable and good quality. Reasonable prices IMO
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I got two (2) replacements for a Brother TN730 cartridge made by Toner Bank (ordered from amazon) for $27. I'm still on the first of the two, and it has been totally fine.
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I haven't had any problem with these I ordered on Amazon two years ago.
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I bought Linkyo cartridges for my Brother Laser on Amazon. So far, so good.
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I also bought Linkyo cartridges for a Brother laser and haven't noticed any difference in quality.
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I bought some knock-off cartridges from Amazon for my Brother printer, and... ended up with all sorts of smearing issues that ended only after I took the thing apart, blew it out with compressed air, and replaced pretty much all the replaceable parts.. I'll pay the extra for the official toner from here on out.
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I've been using compatible cartridges from "INK E-SALE" from Amazon for a couple years now. No noticeable difference in performance from the brand name.
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I've had good success with EZink's cartridge for Brother (B&W) printer.

Here's the amazon link for your TN221s.
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Thanks all for the recommendations. I'm browsing reviews at Amazon for Precise Point, Linkyo, INK E-SALE and E-Z Ink. It looks like every supplier has an occasional dud and the good ones send replacements ASAP.
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