Good and concise blogs / news sites about (American) football?
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I really enjoyed the answers to Admiral Haddock’s question about the Patriots / Giants game and would like to read more of this kind of thing regularly.

I’m in the UK and the only football coverage I watch each week are the BBC’s two NFL highlights shows, totalling 90 minutes. They’re great, but it’s about enough for me. However, I would like to read more background news... but most sites post way more than I’d want to read each week. I’m not bothered about specific teams or detailed post-game analysis. Short of asking a question each week to get more of the excellent answers like that previous question from you all, what should I read to get some more concise, nicely-written background and between-game news?

(I don’t do podcasts, fwiw)
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I like Drew Magary's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jambaroo (during the NFL season) and Why Your Team Sucks (before it starts), both at Deadspin (they have other writers that make NFL posts, but following all of them is probably more than you'd want to read).

His writing style isn't for everyone, but I appreciate his willingness to engage with the conflicted feelings that can come with NFL fandom (see e.g. Football is the Last Great American Vice or The NFL Has a Painkiller Crisis That It Never Wants to Go Away).
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Football Outsiders has some weekly content that might appeal to you. "Audibles at the Line" is a weekly column featuring lightly edited emails between the staff about the week's NFL action--it is how I, a person who would like to know what is going on with the NFL but no longer makes time to watch it, mainly keep up these days.

Scramble for the Ball" is funnier, usually featuring an in-depth take on a somewhat silly topic, and regular segments about particularly good and bad plays, weird and bad coaching decisions. It is mildly fantasy and gambling focused, and may be a bit niche for you, but one of the authors is from the UK.
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I came here to say Football Outsiders. Good analysis based on solid statistical methods and not a lot of the hype and gimmicks and "power rankings" that you get elsewhere.

That said I'm not sure they really cover the "between-game" stuff that you were asking about. Are you looking for personnel moves?
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Thanks for these, they all look good - I'll give them a whirl! Drew Magary's conflicted feelings stuff sounds good too - the kinds of thing that, if mentioned at all, will be a little skirted over in the BBC's official NFL coverage (which feels a bit oddly commercial on the BBC to be honest).

I'm not 100% sure what "between game" stuff I'm after... it's just that given all I experience is a show that mostly focuses on what happens in games, I'm aware there are things that happen outside of the games (and in the offseason) that is useful background.
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Peter King has a weekly column called Football Morning In America (archive) that does a deep dive about both the previous day's games and other current league events.
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