know any good spanish language dvds for children?
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spanish language dvds for kids/toddlers? what have you/your kids seen that you've enjoyed?

my daughter is 2 years old. i speak with her in spanish, but she spends a lot more time at home with my wife (who is not a spanish speaker) than with me. she could use something to keep her thinking en espanol...

she watches some tv--sesame street, stuff on noggin, etc--and i'd love to supplement that with decent programming in spanish. so far, i've been stymied. i got her the bbc early advantage dvds with muzzy (highly recommended), but i think she's sick of it.

what recommendations are out there in the green? dvds for 2-4 year olds that are somewhat entertaining + educational without being boring?
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Is there anything but Dora???
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Lots of DVDs have built in Spanish dubbing tracks. My sister only allows her boys to wath The Incredibles if they watch it in Spanish. Check out the language options on DVDS you already own.
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I have watched Dora on Telemundo a few times, almost entirely in Spanish there. The characters that speak Spanish in the English version speak English in the Spanish version!
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I think you can find Sesame Street DVDs in the Spanish version (Plaza S├ęsamo). This site might help.

Also, you could buy Cri-Cri CDs. Francisco Gabilondo Soler, or "Cri-Cri", was a mexican composer who wrote mainly for children. His songs are old (his career started in the 30s) but most Mexican children grew up with them. My 4 year old niece loves them.
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Plaza Sesamo
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Better link, in English too.
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My mother the former Montessori teacher swears up and down that Dora the Explorer is actually really well-done television for very small children; they find the repetition reassuring and it teaches basic logic. It will make your brains dribble out your ears, of course, particularly on the ninety-seventh watching of it. However, if you're trying to raise your child bilingual, I would say that Dora is a very good thing to get them hooked on, because Dora books and DVDs are very readily available in both languages. My two-year-old cousins are being raised to speak both English and Spanish and Dora (in either language) will keep them mesmerized until the willpower of one of the adults in the room breaks and the TV gets turned off.
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