What's the deal with Hawaii?
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I am using FB to boost posts. I created a list that targets fifty separate recipients. They have similar preferences. But about 92% of all responses seem to always come to only one of them. That shouldn't happen and I don't know why.

In Facebook, I created a list of audiences I want to reach in selected cities in all 50 states. But if I get, say, 149 responses (and this is how it always breaks down when I use this particular list), the analytics will show 100 coming from Hawaii and the other 49 come from each of the remaining states. I've gone over the audience, their preferences, FB's selection process and requirements and I don't understand why it keeps happening only with this list. I have 40 other lists that I've created and use and nothing like this happens with any of them. It is wasting my money and misrepresenting my data. Any ideas why its happening?
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Things I would check:
-are the other 49 locations actually selected and active, sometimes the location selector does weird buggy stuff
-are the ads running at a weird time that is ideal for reaching Hawaii but not the mainland US

If that was all ok, I would probably create a brand new ad and delete this one in case there was some backend bug I cant see or fix.
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It may be that your ad bid is only competitive at a time when the rest of the US is mostly asleep. Can you see the timestamps of when they're responding?
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