Replacing a Macbook Pro keyboard in NYC, y/n?
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I have a mid-2014 MacBook Pro. I like my mid-2014 MBP. It can basically handle all the tasks I ask it to, though there is an occasional glitch and it can certainly run hot. In the happy universe, I'd be waiting another year or two to replace it. of my Command keys and my 'i' key have stopped working, and it's a huge pain--I've remapped a couple keys to keep it usable in the short term, but that's not a long-term solution.

I didn't spill anything on the keyboard, so I assume this must just be old age. I've tried cleaning gently under them, with no success.

I know the Apple Store will want ~$600 for replacing the keyboard, if they'll even still do it on such an old model. $600 is probably more than I want to put into a machine that is going to reach the end of its useful life relatively soon. However, I see a few local stores advertising a lower price--around $200. Anyone have any experience with any of these guys? That much lower a price says "scam" to me in any other context, but we all know how Apple likes to overcharge. (I sure do miss Tekserve.)

(NB: I'm aware that Apple may be announcing a new model or two this month; I'm waiting to hear about that (and especially whether it ditches the butterfly keyboard) before making a final decision.)

(NB 2: Yes, I have a Bluetooth keyboard. I use it when I'm doing proper work at my desk. It's not so great when I'm lounging on the couch BSing.)
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I also have a 2014 Macbook Pro and was a former Tekserve client (but I do not miss them or their DMV vibe, gotta say!). Now in another city, I always use a non-Apple-authorized computer place to fix my laptop. It is so much cheaper and so much faster and the cheaper price never has meant scam. Every time I've had a repair on my Mac it's been about $200, depending on the part needed. I've had my iphone screen replaced at a few nimble little NYC shops over the past year or two and it was fine and cheap. Though I can't recommend any specific NYC shop for your laptop, just wanted to say I root for non-Apple authorized shops with good online reviews.
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You're probably within distance of Louis Rossmann, who is a popular YouTube mac repairperson, and continually talks about the insane prices Apple charges for repairs - It might be worth your while to get an estimate?
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Response by poster: Yes, Rossmann is one of the ones I'm looking at (generic quote ~$200-$250), but I'd be happier if some people had personal experience.
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Best answer: I took my 2014 MBP to Rossmann after I left it open for a few minutes in my back yard and it got rained on and would no longer turn on. I paid something like $400 for a new keyboard, DC port (?), and corrosion cleanup (the Apple Store wanted $1200). I don't remember the turnaround time, but it was pretty quick--maybe 3-4 days? His employees were very transparent about pricing and I have had no issues with the laptop in the six months since the repair. If you go to his shop you'll see stacked-up Priority Mail boxes from people around the country who ship their Macs to him and I feel very fortunate to have someplace so reliable locally.
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Best answer: Twice now in the last few years, including this weekend, I've taken my 2012 MacBook Pro with glitchy keys to the Genius Bar, and both times they popped up most keys, blew out and vacuumed up the cruft, replaced the worn keys, at no cost to me, with no warranty. Both times it solved the glitchy key problems.

As for running hot, have you tried Macs Fan Control? It's a free bit of software that lets you set the fan to run faster or slower under certain conditions, or always. Works perfectly. I use it both for extra cooling and for turning down the fan in the recording studio.
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