How make LG V30+ photo settings completely natural
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I have an LG V30+ which seems to have a photo effect where faces looked blurred in photos (i think it's supposed to be flattering/wrinkle smoothing?) I don't like it ans just want to take "as-is" photos.

I can't figure out how to fix the settings. Do you know? Maybe this is just how the camera is? I'm not sure, bit i haven't foubd a setting to change it back. The blurry effect seens to smooth faces and wrinkles.

If anyone knows about this phone and has an idea what is going on and how to chage settings to the most natural ones, I'd appreciate it!
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Looks like this is 'beauty shot' (sometimes called beauty mode). Navigate and adjust the slider.

Instructions here
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Response by poster: Thanks! It seems to be something like that, but when I choose "mode" there's no "beauty shot" option and I can't find it anywhere in the settings, either.
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Best answer: There are tons of other camera apps. Try one of those. Footej is good.
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