Source for QAnon theory history and development?
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I know a decent amount about QAnon and its basic theories. I'd like to know more - specifically, how their theories and ideas evolve over time. Are there good succinct sources for this out there?

I have no interest in going to the actual source on 4chan, as I'd probably have to wade through tons of posts to determine what the overriding ideas are. Too much work, and depressing work at that. I need more of an executive summary. But a relatively thorough one, that covers the evolution of QAnon ideas and theories over time. That way I could see, for instance, various predictions that have failed to materialize and how they might have faded away, or been revised, to comport with actual events.
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There’s an episode of the podcast Reply All about this, although it’s more of a primer for someone who’s not familiar with the phenomenon. It sounds like maybe you want something a little more focus on the evolution of the theory?
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You nailed it, Chesty A., that is what I'm looking for. And ideally it would keep up with the ongoing evolution too.
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If you're someone who listens to podcasts, the QAnon Anonymous podcast covers a lot of ground.

They recently did a crossover episode with the Behind the Bastards podcasts. That one episode contains a fair bit of discussion about the evolution of QAnon, even though it's focusing on Bill Mitchell.

There's also this Salon interview with Travis View, one of the hosts of QAnon Anonymous. View has also written about QAnon for the Washington Post (might be paywalled).
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Will Sommer at the Daily Beast has written the most extensively on this, i believe. You could go back through his stories. This one was thorough.
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Mike Rothschild’s Tales from the Rabbit Hole podcast has a few episodes about QAnon.
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Will Sommer (@willsommer) tweets about the far right and Q. Definitely worth a follow.
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