First-time listener, pero en español
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Looking for podcasts or broadcasts similar to NPR/WAMU's 1A or WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show, but in Spanish.

These shows have a specific format: an interviewer and an interviewee, discussing a specific topic for 15-20 minutes, followed by a few questions from callers (or submitted via twitter or email). The tone of these shows is generally pretty measured--the hosts are not far right or far left, the guests are generally experts in their field, and the content is decidely not conspiracy- or propaganda-laden. Each day there are segments on national politics, but also dives into interesting topics that are a bit more evergreen as well as local issues (in the case of Brian Lehrer).

I'm not particuarly interested in more sports programming (that's easy to find), but if these shows occasionally cover sports, too, that's fine. I am interested in finding examples for all dialects / locations. Thanks!
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I recently went through a ton of shows looking for quality Spanish-language talk radio and the only one that consistently came close to my standards was Fernanda Familiar. She's in Mexico City, has guests - including some regulars that are all over the place in terms of quality - and few callers - and talks fairly slowly, which is good for me as a learner. Not many calls, but perhaps the variety of guests will serve instead? Her podcast feed is linked here I had some problems with it in some podcast apps but it plays fine in Ivoox.

Ivoox, by the way, is very Spanish-language-centric so you may find similar stuff there.

Additionally, I also often listened to Radio Formula out of México. You can find it streaming on TuneIn and similar apps. It has three channels: cadena primera, cadena segunda, cadena tercera. They're all similar: Mexican-style talk radio with news, interviews, call-ins. Not very slick but serviceable.
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Also, be sure to look at Radio Nacional de España and Radio Exterior de España. There's a quality app. Tons of very high quality programming, much of it similar to BBC or NPR.
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