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This tomato pie is delicious and relatively simple to make, but my tomato plants won’t stop fruiting. My favorite pizza place makes a spicy lamb meatball and kale pizza, which may be my benchmark pizza. I would like to make a variation of the pie that riffs on the pizza. What should I do?

Current plans are to swap turmeric for Parmesan, add more Parmesan to the mozzarella mixture, and maybe put a large, pre-seared ground lamb patty between cheese and tomatoes. Finally nix the curry powder and tamarind onions. I have thought about making balsamic onions, although that is not a flavor of the dish. My main obstacle currently is incorporating the kale. Hope me with your best kitchen tricks!
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Response by poster: Pizza photo for reference!
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When I add kale to pizza, I add it only for the last 5-10 minutes. I first toss it in a bit of olive oil and salt and they get nice and crispy on top.
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The tomato pie that I am familiar with is completely different from this, but also a great and delicious way to use up tomatoes. It is in a pie crust and not at all like a pizza. I will be glad to share the recipe.
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