What am I concerned about?
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I obtained a button (pin, badge) that reads “I’m Concerned.” I’m wrestling with The Google to find out what it means. I’ve only found a link to it for sale (sold actually) on Etsy . I imagine it’s from some campaign about a specific concern, and while I have *many* concerns, I wouldn’t wear it if whatever the concern is isn’t one of my concerns.
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Possibly mocking Republicans in the US Congress like the late Sen. John McCain, who often expressed "concerns" about Trump or other party evils, but who almost always did nothing when it came time to vote or act.
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To me it looks 80s vintage, so if nothing's come up on Google, I'd say it's just random new-wave snark.
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To me it looks 80s vintage

Hmmm, it does sort of, and, you know, I had not noticed that the name of the seller had "Vintage" in it.
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Picture on this page (scroll down) has it with a bunch of 60s peace buttons. It looks 60s to me.
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Might be a Quaker thing, as a concern is the highest level of activism/spiritual seeking.
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My first thought is the conservative group "Concerned Women for America" .
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The Browne Pop Culture Library at Bowling Green State University may know. They have a large collection of pins which they often highlight on Twitter (@BGSU_PopCultLib).
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Makes me think of "Concerned Citizen." Sometimes used as an anonymous signature, sometimes as a descriptor, in newspapers.
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I Google Image searched "i'm concerned buttons" and found a likely suspect from a 1973 newspaper article:
Area Institutions Plan Special Events To Observe National Hospital Week

"Your Hospital: A Caring Community --Your Health: Our Common Concern." With this thought as its theme, National Hospital Week will be observed today through Saturday by more than 7,000 hospitals across the United States. Some three-million people who work in hospitals will be honored during the week for the concern they show to their patients and to each other. ^ Employes and volunteers at the McKay- Dee. Hospital Center, along with those of the other two Weber Co,unty hospitals will wear blue and white "I'm Concerned" buttons during the week to indicate their own personal commitment to the theme.
No pictures, but it matches the description and general age/aesthetic of the button from the Etsy page.
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Based on Rhaomi's lead I signed up for the Newspapers.com free trial. I can confirm that the pin is from National Hospital Week 1973.

There's a clear picture of the pin in the May 6, 1973 Palladium-Item of Richmond, Indiana and the font and layout match.

I'm not sure how long these clippings last, but you can see the button here: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/36708942/im_concerned_button/
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I can’t find a video of it, but that’s one of my favorite Tim Gunn catch phrases from Project Runway. I’ve adopted it into my everyday lexicon, said in his voice.
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It's probably not from these people, but they are also Concerned.
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I would wear it as a conversation starter. Make it mean whatever you want it to mean.
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