Geting from Airport to NOTA
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I will be going to a conference in Rochester, NY. I'll be staying at the Choice Hotel at the airport, but I need to get to the School of the Arts in the NOTA district. How far apart are they? Is there any public transit available, or if I have to take an Uber or a Lyft, how much can I expect to spend
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Did you check Google Maps? It looks like 15 minutes by car, or about 50 minutes by bus.
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Public transit is not going to run very often or might require a ridiculous transfer. I paid 23 dollars for an Uber from the ROC airport to my home, which is just about the same distance as SOTA, back in July.
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Hello and welcome to Rochester!

The airport is south-west of downtown, and the SOTA is just on the northeast side of downtown.
Uber Estimates via their own website: UberX $16.38; Comfort $20.53; UberXL $24.07
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Other answers about Rochester might be found in at
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Take an uber. I have no idea how much it will cost but TRUST ME, it will be completely unfeasible to take the public transportation.
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Oops - I just realized my $23 cost was uberxl- plain Uber would be between $15 and $20.
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