Hotel in London with a bath?
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I'm heading to London for a wedding in December and am likely to be tired and cranky for the first day after flying in on a red-eye flight. I'm looking for a nice hotel which is easily accessible from Victoria Station that has a large bathtub I can soak in because I miss having one at home. Preferably under £200/night. There's only me, and I don't mind if the room is small as long as there is a deep bath. Is this doable and does anyone have any recommendations? The places I'm finding so far only have them in super expensive suites.
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Have you checked Airbnb? this apartment is near Victoria Station and appears to have a deep tub.
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Response by poster: I would prefer a hotel over Airbnb because they're usually more flexible about early check in and dropping off luggage.
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The Sheraton Park Lane has bathtubs in at least some of the rooms (I've stayed there). It's a 5 minute cab ride from Victoria Station or 10 minutes on any of the several buses that go that direction.

There are also several hotels right next to Victoria Station.
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Best answer: The Rookery has rooms with bathtubs. You can get there easily on the Circle Line from Victoria.
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Best answer: The Rookery. The enormous, gorgeous, lie-down-full-length bath was AMAZING. I could have stayed in it all day.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! The Rookery looks super cute, so I've booked a room there.
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