Is my cat crying?
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I notice on my cats face a wetness that drips when she hugs me. It isnt just a moist nose it's a dripping from her mouth area. When I touch her face it seems a tad bit dampened but some of it could be from her grooming. She could be drooling but even then why when she isnt hungry? Do cats cry? I dont suspect any illness.
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Cats can drool for all kinds of reasons. It could be an indication of a problem like tooth pain or it can be a sign of relaxation. When I pet my cat just right and he's in the right mood he drools everywhere (adorable but kind of gross!)
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One of my cats drools regularly - it is his primary flaw. He does it when he's relaxing and purring in a loaf and I go to pat him and it's just a gross puddle, and he does it when he's kneading on or near me and bumping his face with my face and it's a wet surprise (I shouldn't be surprised anymore...) He does have tooth problems but it's unrelated to the drooling he normally does. He also has a goopy eye, which the vet says is the equivalent of kitty herpes and doesn't hurt him in any way, we just wipe the gunk from time to time and check his eye for redness. It sort of has flares of goopyness vs dryness much like herpes in humans have flares of activity and dormancy.

My mom's "first child" was a cat who she rescued from under a rock in a dry creek as a teeny kitten, he was weened too early. He drooled too, and sucked on her hair for his whole life. I don't think my cat was weened too early but that's how I knew not to worry about his drooling too much.

If your cat's behavior has changed quickly from one state to another, regardless of what those states are, it is wise to get them checked at the vet. So if this drooling is new it could be a symptom of an illness that they're otherwise adeptly hiding. But it's most likely nothing to worry about. Be sure to offer lots of water so they can stay hydrated, of course!
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Cats drool. If this is a brand-new, never before noticed behavior, a vet visit wouldn't be out of the question.

But don't be surprised if there's nothing wrong. We had one cat who drooled excessively when she was really happy.
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One more person with a drooling cat. And as others mention she does this when she's relaxed and happy and purring and kneading. Then, surprise! She shakes her head and the drool goes flying.
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brookeb stole my cat.
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I’ve had several cats who drooled when they were feeling relaxed and cuddly. One so much so that he would visibly drip when he was greeting me.
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Seconding the others who have said that if this is a sudden change, it's worth a vet visit. That said, if she's drooling when she hugs you, it's probably because you make her happy.
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This would be extremely tragic if we found out your cat is crying! But I too have had a drooly cat, and she is seasonally drooly - winter yes, summer no. Vet says she is fine. So it may be normal but not constant.
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If this is a new change, definitely see the vet—I had two cats that started drooling because of a cancer in the mouth. I hope yours is just relaxed and happy!
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My one cat is also a drooler. I recall reading something about associations between nursing and kneading/cuddling that are formed as kittens that give some cats a drool response to cuddling.
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I've had two droolers in a row - both when they're getting really intensive petting.
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Excuse me, the cat tax has not been paid for this post.

I have a cat who drools when he’s happy, especially when he’s getting pets and snuggles. It’s not uncommon, but if this is new maybe check with the vet.
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Others have covered the drool angle. Also, her eyes could be leaking. Cats can have allergies, or eye infections, or viruses that cause chronic tearing. It's likely not a big deal, but getting to a vet and having this checked out would be worthwhile. If that's more of a medium-term goal, I'd start with trying to pinpoint where the liquid is coming from and checking if there's any sign of pain or other behavior changes.
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