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I need to make a day trip from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Trader Joe's in Metairie, with a stop somewhere for a cheap liquor stock-up.

Two questions:

1. The last time I did this was literally last century, back in the Schwegmann's days. Where is the best place for bulk liquor shopping in the Year of Our Lord 2019? I'm willing to make a detour for good prices.

2. Leaving TJ's to go back eastbound ... what are my parameters for avoiding evening traffic? I need to leave Metairie by X pm to beat the rush, otherwise I should wait it out and not leave until Y pm?

I definitely won't arrive early enough for morning rush, and it doesn't matter how late I get back, my day is very flexible.

Bonus points if you can recommend someplace to have lunch in Metairie (or near that cheap liquor store).
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If you're a wine drinker, and if the TJ's has 2017 Two-cough-Three-Buck-Chuck Merlot, it may be a pleasant surprise for the price.
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Best answer: Exit I-10 at Bonnabel and turn right to head north. When you reach Vets take a right and backtrack to Martin Wine Cellar at 714 Elmeer. They have a deli as well as great booze selection and prices. When you're done there you can hop back on Vets and it's a very short trip (1.1 miles) to Trader Joe's.

I can't comment firsthand on the traffic since I'm not often in that area at rush hour but I'd say if you got out of TJ's by 4 you should be safe.
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Also: if you know in advance what you want you can even call Martin's and set up your purchase over the phone and they'll just have it all waiting for you when you arrive (prepaid or not, your choice). Just ask for someone in customer service.
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