Trustworthy pet information site?
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When I want trustworthy medical information about humans, I rely on What's the corresponding site for reliable info for dogs and cats?
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PetMD is fairly reliable.
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The VCA Hospitals website.
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For dogs and cats, Veterinary Information Network. It's an old school interface, but is posting new info, seems in-depth on diseases, posts (mostly?) written by vets. I spent a good hour poking around their Feline: Health section.

For cats, American Association of Feline Practitioners has resources directed for the public and not just vets. I find their twitter to be the easiest to keep up to date on
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I'm a veterinarian and I direct people to Veterinary Partner - all advice written by veterinarians.
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I found the Merck vet manual helpful while researching this month about my sick cat. You can also get it as an app on ios. Veterinary partner was also very good.
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Good resources. Thanks all!
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