More Ta-Da than To-Do list app needed
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I'm looking for a productivity system, most likely centered around an app, that is optimized for showing me what I've done. Too many approaches I've tried (ToDoist, Things, Remember the Milk) treat your completed to-dos as so much party trash, crossed off and gone, never to be seen again. I need the reinforcement of looking at lists and charts of what I've accomplished. More snowflakes inside.

Variations of this question gets asked a lot, and I've read a bunch of previouslies, but none with my particular twist. Does anyone out there have the perfect productivity system for a chronic procrastinator who is (paradoxically?) highly motivated by the feeling of having gotten stuff done? There's something about seeing that productivity number trend upward that gets me checking off tasks with abandon. To-do apps that won't let me bask in that feeling are actively demotivating and I hate them.

Platform: Web or Mac
can see lists or (ideally) charts of what and how many tasks you've done over time
customizable repeating to-dos
projects and/or subtasks
rolls over yesterday's undone tasks into today with ease and control
can edit what day a task was completed or log a task in the past
deadlines and task scheduling
tags or some other way of categorizing, say work v. home
task prioritization and customizable display
free trial

Nice to haves
habit tracking displays like don't break the chain
companion iOS app
rapid logging with keyboard shortcuts
sensible integration with Google calendar (I like the way Things shows you your calendar events; hate the way ToDoist puts your to-dos on your calendar)
<$10/month or (preferable) one-time purchase
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Habitica does just about everything you're looking for and is centered around a sense of accomplishment/rewards/advancement as you complete more tasks. It's fun, strongly recommended.
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I've been trying out TickTick in an effort to get my shit together, and I think it meets all the criteria. You can generate a report of what was done, on what list/project, in what time frame.
Charts and whatnot are a bit hidden, but you can pull up charts of "how many" "on which days", etc.

I was previously using Habitica, but it didn't grab me as it does for some people. I was looking for a to-do app to supplement my pseudo Bullet Journal, and TickTick lets you either put the calendars in your to-do view or put the to-dos in your calendar view. (faux BuJo is just daily logs, with monthly/future logs replaced with a to-do app and a calendar, using RocketBook scanning/OCR for archival and search)

Free trial or $2.80 a month, I figured I'll try it for a few months and see if it works for me. There is a free trial, but a lot of features are behind the paywall.
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+1 for TickTick. I have been using it for a few months now and love it. The ability to see what you accomplished is wonderful. It satisfies most of your other requirements, though I'm not sure about all of them.
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I wonder if you might enjoy Teux Deux for the simplicity of keeping lists week by week. It does have statistics, and rolls over incomplete items. The projects and subtasks I used to do via the lists at the bottom of the interface, and then move them into individual days as I planned out completing my tasks.

The only item that's really not a match is the break between home and work. I used to put in a line break and separate home versus work that way.
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