How can I look good without dying of heat exhaustion (as a business man)
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I try to dress with a little style but am finding it difficult in hot climates I am travelling a lot - with a small bag - to very hot countries like Chile and Vietnam. How can I look good without dying of heat exhaustion, and while keeping my bags small

I work in offices and coworking spaces. I sometimes have business meetings. I don't dress formally (rarely in a full suit) but I do like to wear slacks. I also go out

I also like to dress just stylish enough to get compliments.
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And I'd like to add:

Shoes that look great, pack light, and wont suffocate my feet. Maybe a loader style
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This is exactly what tropical weight wool slacks are for. I'd also look into breathable techwear synthetic tops, like the shirts from Ministry of Supply. I'd just wear canvas footwear sans socks (or with no-shows in a humid environment to avoid foot funk) as a style thing, but I'm fashion-aggressive on shoe choice.
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Seersucker and linen.

Huaraches? Perforated leather? I am not good at men's shoes.
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linen definitely, also for the caribbean and some parts of central and south america the guayabera is considered office appropriate wear.
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I found and am 100% enjoying a pair of elegant Huaraches.
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